Thursday, April 28, 2011

A French love story

My glamorous Aunt Mary Ann and her glamorous French boyfriend, Serge, who started it all.

The stylish and witty Tish Jett has very generously allowed me to be a guest poster at her blog today, a blog you need to be reading anyhow to see comme il faut in France aujourd hui. She writes about fashion, food and life for Women of a Certain Age. If you are not of a Certain Age now, you will be someday. One hopes.

Go here to read my story about my experiences with men and France. Some of you may know the Moroccan Millionaire Drama, some may not. Some may know the Belgian accountant drama, some may not.

Fortunately, I had a successful trip to France with SH last fall.

Vite! Over to Tish's site!

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MrScribbler said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I will never, ever be a Woman of a Certain Age.

And I've already been a Man of a Certain Age. Quite some time ago, in fact....