Saturday, April 30, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 110: Feedback

My sweet husband brought me the US Magazine that was left on his flight from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. He says it was just for me, but I suspect he flipped through it. One of the Kardashians was on the cover. In a bikini.

This is the conversation I think SH and I had last night at 2 a.m., after he stayed up late looking for a copy of his resume, which he has not updated in over ten years.

I had been in bed since midnight, which was late for me, or later than I like, anyhow, but SH had won tickets to the musical Rock of Ages and then didn't want to go, so I went with my friend Dawn (whose mother has the Packers rosary) and the show was long and then there was traffic on the way home at 11 o'clock at night - traffic! 11:00! at night! - and I had to tell SH all about what he missed and wasn't he sorry now that he hadn't gone?

He wasn't. He was too busy. But how could you not want to see an ensemble dance as they sing "Here I Go Again?" I like my generic 80s rock. Sometimes the popular stuff is the good stuff.

Side note. Parents. Did you not read the advisory on the website before you bought your tickets? This is not a children's show. Not. What part about "musical about rock music, musicians, strippers and bars in the early 80s" gave you the impression that this would be something appropriate for kids? Have you never watched a music video or seen an album cover in your life? Sheesh.

Back to the lack of updated resume. SH has been with his current employer for over ten years - hence our blu-ray player, which was his ten-year anniversary gift from work - so I can sort of understand his resume inactivity, but I always had a current copy of mine hanging around because I never knew if I was going to be unemployed. Not that having a current resume really helped me that much. SH, on the other hand, was losing jobs all the time 10-15 years ago because he was all caught up in that Silicon Valley stuff. He'd work for a startup and they'd go out of business and he'd get a job with another startup - when he felt like it.

That's the difference between English majors and electrical engineers. EEs* get new jobs when they feel like it. English majors better know how to type. And nobody even cares about typing any more.

SH: I found some old emails from ten years ago.

Me: Mmmf.

SH: I was really unhappy back then. I wrote these angry rants to [my boss]. I'm surprised I wasn't fired.

Me: Mmmmf.

SH: I love you, sweetie. We have a really good life together. I'm really happy with you.

Me: Mmmf?

SH: I am! Don't I seem happy?

Me: You don't like that I won't argue about politics with you.

SH: I like arguing about politics! It makes me happy.

* This is also the case with nurses and nurse practitioners, like my sister. Years ago, when I was still looking for a job and about to go on an interview, my sister asked me how much the job paid. "I don't know," I told her. She was appalled. Why on earth would I go on an interview before I knew that? What if it didn't pay enough? Nurses, NPs and EEs are in a position to be choosy is why. English majors are not.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I always keep my resume updated, even when I'm totally happy with my job and not looking to leave. You just never know what might come up.

I also carefully check out concerts and shows before buying tickets, just to make sure I am fully informed about appropriate (or not) that they are. Hence, we did not take our girls with us to see Lady Gaga. VERY inappropriate for the under-16 set. On the other hand, the family sitting next to us -- with their young daughters -- obviously did not, which is why their daughters learned ALL SORTS of new things that evening.

Class factotum said...

Yes, these are the questions the parents I saw might have gotten from their kids:

Why are that lady's feet poking up from that bathroom stall?

Why is that man's head in that lady' lap?

Why aren't those ladies wearing clothes over their underwear? They're in their UNDERWEAR!

What does "Beaver Hunt" mean?

Why is that lady holding a mirror in front of that man's pants? What's he doing with his hand?