Sunday, April 03, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 399: I'm AT THE AIRPORT

At least I was not the person driving this truck.

SH and I went to Memphis to see our Memphis friends and my cousin and her cute new baby. The baby wasn't quite up to visitors - she doesn't talk yet - but she is still cute and it is fun to hold her.

But the drama of getting to Memphis from Milwaukee. Sheesh.

SH deliberately booked us on an 11:00 a.m. flight so we wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the airport. I don't mind getting up at COD, but I have to go to bed at the Crack of Dark to get enough sleep and SH does not pack for any trip until two or three hours past Crack of Dark.

Marriage has been a series of compromises I never anticipated, including staying up much later than I would like and much later than I would ever do if I were alone. I am not a late stayer upper. SH is a late stayer upper. More than our political differences, our bedtime differences cause stress and tension.

Take that, Journal Sentinel reporter who did a story on how the Madison Drama was affecting relationships and added the adjectives "strained" and "tense" to describe our marriage. SH pointed out that she just added those words to make the story better. I pointed out that a reporter is supposed to report the facts. Not add or enhance or exaggerate to make the story better. That's what bloggers (= me) do.

Another big compromise that has come with marriage is sharing the covers when it's cold. I will finally be all warm and about to fall asleep (I cannot fall asleep if I am cold) and SH will get into bed and turn over or do something where he pulls the covers with him rather than doing what he needs to do without involving the covers.

He rolls over with the covers, which means all of a sudden, the covers rise and cold air is let under them, thus negating my get warm efforts of the past 30 minutes.

Back to the story. He had scheduled us on a decent flight and we were both happy that we would not have to rush to get to the airport.

Two days before our trip, we read in the paper that there was no parking at the airport. The lots were full. Spring break. Who knew? What kind of recession is it if enough people can afford to fly somewhere for spring break?

The one advantage to getting to the airport early was we got to watch this truck drama. She (the driver) got a good ten feet into the covered area with a truck that was taller than the roof. If only she'd had a faster start.

We panicked. What would we do? We don't really have any drive us to the airport friends in Milwaukee. We know some really nice people, but nobody whom we could ask to drive us the 16 miles to the airport.

We thought about taking a cab. But cabs are not so reliable here. Thought about parking at a park and ride and taking the city bus to the airport. That would have meant leaving the car in an unattended parking lot for days, plus we would have had to rely on the veracity of the online bus schedules and after our experience in New Orleans where the trolley just didn't show up one evening and we had to pay $15 for a cab back to the hotel (an email from a city employee told me basically oh yeah sometimes the trolley doesn't show up even though it's scheduled), we were skeptical.

We do have a friend (Dawn, whose mother has the Packers rosary) who lives near us and works downtown. After my facebook appeal for a ride was unsuccessful, I very reluctantly emailed her to ask her if she could drop us off.

Sure, she wrote. But she would have to pick us up at 7:15 a.m. so she could get to an early meeting.

Well rats. So much for not getting up at the crack of dawn and a relaxed morning. SH suggested that we could monitor the airport's parking lot website and decide in the morning if we needed Dawn's services. I pointed out that she was already going to get up early and if we called her to tell her we didn't want a ride after all, she might be annoyed. He asked wouldn't I rather not have to take someone to the airport even if I had gotten up early than have to take them there and I had to admit he had a point.

The morning of our flight, SH looked at the parking website. Available parking had gone from 4% to 7%. We decided one in 14 was good enough odds for us and called Dawn at 7:00 a.m. to tell her never mind.

We found a space in very short time once we had driven past the full lots and the cars parked illegally on the street.

Then we sat in the airport waiting for our flight for three hours. Which I didn't mind, because I like to get to the airport early and every other time I have gone on a trip with SH, he has cut our time right down to the last second, which causes me untold stress, but his attitude is better that he wring out every second of time at home and then be a little bit late for things, including haircuts, which is one of the reasons I didn't want to share Carol my stylist with him as his lateness reflects poorly on me, but I sure would have liked to have slept past 6:00 a.m. and been able to wash and dry my hair.


MrScribbler said...

Those O'Dark-Thirty flights can really mess you up.

I have one coming up in a few days (DAL to BOS) and I will have to leave at roughly 4:00 AM via shuttle to make a 6:30 boarding.

For perhaps the only time since I've been reading your blog, I'm so grateful not to be married to you!

(Even though I almost always turn over in bed without pulling the covers with me....)

Class factotum said...

Mr S, I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in getting SH to get to the airport early. The only thing you would have to suffer with me is my stress and worry about missing the flight!

Joy said...

There is nothing wrong with having separate blankets. My husband likes to feel like he's in a cocoon or something, and I can't sleep if I'm sweating under three wool blankets. So he gets his three wool blankets and I get my one light one, and everyone is happy.

Lindy said...

The buses in Milwaukee run like German clockwork.

Class factotum said...

Joy, maybe that's what we need. We are both control freaks.

Lindy, I should have suspected. A Chilean friend loved Minneapolis, where she went for graduate school. "If the bus schedule said the bus arrived at 7:27," she said, "I could leave my apartment at 7:26."

TosaGuy said...

When I was dating DC girl, I would take the 6:30 AM monday flight to Milwaukee and because of the time change be at work by 8:30. The problem was getting up at 4:30.

Why didn't they just let the air out of the tires and back out?

I've parked at the airport Amtrak lot also when other cheap parking is full.

I've taken the bus to the airport from Tosa. It's on time, but takes nearly 1.5 hours.

Looks like we both need to make more Tosa airport friends.