Saturday, April 02, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 403: No toes for you

I saw these cute shoes on a lady at the Calvary Episcopal Waffle Shop in Memphis. I asked if I could take a photo, assuring her I did not have a fetish. The second I showed the photo to my friend Leigh's five year old daughter, Sophia, Sophia squealed, "Those are pretty!" Sophia and I get each other.

SH: Let me tell you about this new connector [something to do with my fancy new smartypants phone].

Me: No.

SH: But it's interesting! Look how they've changed the design and improved-

Me: I don't care.

SH: But I want to tell you!

Me: I don't want to hear it.

SH: But I want to!

Me: Remember how you didn't want to hear about my toenail polish? Well, I don't want to hear about the connector.

SH: But it's interesting. Your toenail polish is not interesting.

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