Thursday, April 07, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 497: Drama King

SH: You're not doing it right!*

Me: Then I can fix it.

SH [three minutes of Airing of Grievances]

Me: Shut up. Let me fix it or stop complaining.

SH: But I have to complain! I have to Air the Grievance! It's the Honey family way.

Me: Can't we just solve the problem?

SH: Nope. I have to Air the Grievances first.

Me: Whatever.

SH [after he has jury-rigged the situation and declined my offer to solve it]: Now I have to suffer.

Me: As long as you suffer in silence.

SH: No! Part of the process is that I have to complain!

Me: Hush. I don't want to hear it.

SH: Isn't life more fun with a little bit of drama?

Me: No.

SH: You don't like drama at all. You hate drama.

Me: Yep.

* Making pancakes. I offered to make a new batch of batter that he could cook to his satisfaction.


TosaGuy said...

We don't celebrate Christmas every day, nor should we do the same with Festivas.

Class factotum said...

TG, in SH's family, it's Christmas every single day. Let no grievance go unaired, let no blame go unassigned.