Monday, April 11, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 602: One and done

There are many ways to have a mixed marriage. There can be a political mixed marriage (I am in one), a religious mixed marriage (I am in one), a when we go to bed mixed marriage (I am in one).

There can also be a brass switchplate theory mixed marriage and there can be mixing within the mixing.

I am also in a brass switchplate theory mixed marriage.

There are several theories about brass switchplates. I will let you try to guess where each of us stands on each issue.

1. Dirty oily smudgy dull brass switchplates are bad.

2. No who cares about smudgy oily dirty dull switchplates that have never been cleaned since they were installed several years ago.

3. Bright shiny switchplates are good even if they have tiny little almost unnoticeable scratches on them from the steel wool required to remove the oily fingerprint dirt after the old standby Brasso failed.

4. OMG! OMG! Look! Tiny little scratches on the brass switchplates from steel wool! Steel is harder than brass! Steel scratches brass! Oh no! Oh no! We have to replace these! Go to amazon! Find replacements!

5. Oh for pete's sake they'll get dirty again and the dirt will cover the scratches.

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