Monday, May 16, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 527: To purse or not to purse, whether is nobler to retaliate

Me: I took my purse to the leather shop to be repaired. The lady there makes purses.

SH: Did you see anything you liked?

Me: Oh yes! But it cost $495.

SH: So?

Me: That's a little much.

SH: How much did the Retaliatory Purse cost?

Me: That was $40 on eBay.

SH: So what would it take for you to buy a $495 purse?

Me: The $40 Retaliatory Purse was for a 47-minute transgression. You would probably have to do a month's worth of stuff I didn't like for a $495 Retaliatory Purse.

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