Monday, June 13, 2011

Am I scrapping?

Oh man, y'all. This was going to be an easy week while SH is gone for ten days - I was going to do nothing more than throw away things that I can't throw away while he's watching, like the empty cat food bags that we really are not going to need for emptying the kitty litter. But I've had too many other things to do and the only subversive activity I have enjoyed is squeezing the toothpaste from the middle.

Don't worry - I'll smooth it out before he returns on Saturday.

I've had to clean the cat hair from the edges of the drawer underneath the stove because I made the mistake of looking too closely when I was trying to un-jam the pizza pan from in between the top of the drawer and the bottom of the stove. I've had to wash all the cat hair from the fruit bowl and tsotchokes stuff on the kitchen counter. I've had to brush the cats and brush the cats and brush the cats.

Are you sensing a theme here? THE CATS ARE MAKING MY HOUSE A MESS.

And they are distracting me from my new project. Yesterday, groupon had a coupon for, which is a website where you upload photos and they print a book.

Which makes me think about that movie, New in Town, where Renee Zellweger has been sent from corporate to a factory in a small Minnesota town. She is taken about by the natives, one of whom asks her, "Are you a scrapper?"

I am not a scrapper. I do not make scrapbooks documenting every bit of minutia of my life (that's what a blog is for), but I don't mind having a nice little book of photos of our trips to look at. It's not like you sit down at your computer and click through your travel photos. A book is easier and far more portable and you can inflict it on other people.

Oh yes. I will be getting even with everyone who made me watch a video of her wedding and who has made me look at his photos on his camera of people I do not know.

Or not. But when we are old, SH and I can look at these books of our trips to Morocco, Spain, England, France and Germany and ask, "Now where was that? When did we go?"

Here's the catch, though. I am having to sort through a ton of photos. Remember when I had the blog with the service that will not be named but they lost FOUR YEARS OF ARCHIVES, went out of business and then didn't even refund the unused portion of my fees?

To upload photos to that service (a privilege I had to pay for), I had to resize my photos, as in shrink them. So now I have all these compressed photos - blog sized - that need to be re-expanded to fit into a photo book. Which doesn't work because when you compress a photo, it's not like the little pixels are squeezed into smaller pixels. No, the number of pixels is reduced (I am theorizing here) and the resolution goes all to heck. When you enlarge the photo again, you get a blurry version of the original.

So I am having to go through all my photos, check to see if I have the original, then delete the compressed version. Then I have to decide which photos to include. I could do this later, but the coupon expires in September and I don't want this to be like our restaurant coupons of which we bought too many and then have realized WE HAVE TO USE THIS COUPON BEFORE TOMORROW! Which means we have to take a shower and wear decent clothes! Better to start it now and be done by the deadline so I don't have a book of nothing but fuzzy, unlabeled photos.


Fijufic said...

Too funny. I certainly appreciate your wit and sense of humor.

mun said...

ahaha! can so relate to the lack of desire to shower and wear decent clothes to go out :D
having a cat is so much bother...don't know why we do it.