Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday report

I thought about writing about the discussion SH and I had on the phone the other night about whether I should wait for him to be home to defrost the chest freezer in the basement or just do it now while it's still so darn cold and our remaining venison sausages and bratwurst from my uncle Larry and the tuna steaks that were on sale and the potato sausage that we bought from the butcher on Highway 13 just north of Prentice almost a YEAR AGO and that we had better eat and the llama steaks, also bought last July in Dorchester, won't thaw too much while they are resting in the plastic bins or coolers or whatever.

But you've already heard this story a million times before. It's Variation 24 (b) of the "You won't do it right if I'm not there to micromanage" refrain that includes my Response #562.34 "I ran my life just fine for 42 years before I ever met you."

The problem is that without SH around, I don't have that much material. There is only so much you can write about cats. Shed ^ (infinity) = The Story of Cats and that's that.

Witness: My exciting day. Decaf coffee to start, because I am trying a new no-caffeine test to see if that's what might be causing my headaches. Yes, I know some people swear by acupuncture and it works for them and that's great, but even my orthodox Jewish drug rehab counselor/acupuncturist told me that acupuncture wasn't likely to work on headaches that come about more because of my genetics than because of environmental factors.

Considering my mom, my brother, my sister, my cousin Amanda, my third cousin or is it second cousin once removed? Randy, and probably everyone else I am related to gets them, I would say genetics probably play a part.

Doesn't mean caffeine can't enhance things.

And I will note that I have not had a headache since I stopped drinking caffeine, which also coincides with the day SH left town last week.

I am not claiming causation with either of the factors. Just noting the coincidence.

After the "coffee," I snuck a trip to Walgreen's for a diet Dr Pepper because I had the tiniest edge of a headache - an aspirin headache not an imitrex one - and thought a few sips of caffeine plus the aspirin might knock it away. Which it did.

Then to the Y for the yoga class with the teacher who blessherheart does not shut up for the entire hour ("Fall into the stillness and be with the Being" and "Identify and claim the space that is all yours") so I just put my mp3 earbuds in and crank up the volume.

Sendik's, where I buy way too much produce when what I really want is a doughnut or a bagel with cream cheese.

Oh refined fatty carbs how I love you.

Then to city hall, where I swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States and of Wisconsin as part of my role as a member of my town's historical preservation commission. I am sure I will be doing a lot of constitution defending as part of my role. I'm looking forward to it.

Then home, where I

1. Wash the cat nose prints off the back door window
2. Throw boric acid on the seething teeming pile of ants that has suddenly appeared by the basement window (outside, fortunately)
3. Spray a bleach solution on the drainboard
4. Try to keep the cats away from my lunch
5. Plant zinnia seedlings because I have realized that none of the seeds I planted three weeks ago have germinated and then remember that last year, the same thing happened and this year, I was going to go straight to seedlings but I forgot and now I'm three weeks late into the season
6. Pull the darn ground cover from the flower beds. Someone planted it there on purpose years ago and now it plots a takeover of the garden every year.

Aren't you ready for SH to return? I am.

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