Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 326: Depends on who's in charge


SH: Wow. The tub is dirty.

Me: Yeah. I didn't clean it last week because you were out of town and it didn't look that bad. Plus I hate scrubbing the tub. It's the second worst chore after washing the kitchen floor.

SH: I guess it does make a difference when you clean it.* I can really tell when you don't.

Me: I had forgotten how dirty it can get.**


SH: You cleaned the tub.

Me: Yes.

SH: Because it was bothering me?

Me: No. Because it was grossing me out. Besides, I thought you didn't care if the tub is clean.

SH: I don't care if I am the one in charge of cleaning it. But if someone else is - well, there are standards to be maintained.

* SH was not as focused on housecleaning as I am when he was living alone. He cleaned his apartment before I would visit and he is not a slob, so it never got gross, but he doesn't see the need to clean a tub weekly.

** Apparently, the tipping point for a tub is nine days plus one day of barefoot lawnmowing.

*** My cousin Suzanne tells the story of a woman she knows who grew up in a wealthy home with maids. This woman had never cleaned a bathroom in her life. She got married and moved into an apartment with her husband. After they had been there three weeks, she called the building manager in a panic - there was something wrong with the bathtub. The manager came up to look.

It was dirty.

She had never seen a dirty bathtub before.


Patience_Crabstick said...

That is pretty funny about the girl with the maids. I'm terrible at cleaning bathrooms. It's the one area of housekeeping in which my husband has to take over.

Class factotum said...

Patience, SH doesn't like how I do dishes, but when I offer to let him be in charge of all dishwashing, he declines. How did you do it?