Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 569: Save big money

As we are walking into Target.

SH: We need to plan our strategy for using the $5 gift cards [that we will get for buying the $5 gift card items].

Me: Strategy?

SH: Yes. Like, I'll buy the stuff that gets the cards and then you use the cards to buy the rest of the things we need.

Me: Why don't we just ask the cashier to break it into two transactions and tell her we want to use the cards from the first transaction for the second one?

SH: You can do that?

Me: I do it all the time.

SH: If I'm alone, I buy my first batch of stuff, then go to another cashier with the second batch and the cards.

Me: That's crazy. Just tell the cashier what you want to do.

SH: She'll let us do that?

Me: She's making $8 an hour. She doesn't care.*

* I certainly didn't, when I was working at Macy's. If the store allowed it, I did it. All I wanted was to finish my shift and go home.

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