Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 657: Unbalanced

As we are running in preparation for the stupid stupid half marathon I agreed to do with SH.

Me [whining]: I hate running. I hate every single step of it.

SH: Then why do you do it?

Me: Because I hate being fat more.

SH: You have this triangle: you hate being fat, you hate exercising, and you love to eat. You can never have all of them in balance.

Me: That's right.

SH: Either you have to weigh more than you want or you have to exercise more than you want or you have to eat less than you want.

Me: Yes.

SH: It must be really hard to be you.

Me: It is.


Fijufic said...

I like the way exercise makes me feel later but I have a love/hate relationship with it too...

Ilke said...

:) You are in a very complex situation. I wish you luck and strength and flying feet! I can hardly run 5K.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

You still don't like running? I cannot imagine hating running and also training for a half marathon. How do you find the motivation to get out there and pound the pavement?

Class factotum said...

Fuji, I like having exercised. It's like I like having written. But the process itself is arduous.

Ilke, I will probably be walking most of the distance!

Jen, my motivation is that SH has already paid the entrance fee.