Sunday, June 05, 2011

The story of the Yard of the Month award

My neighborhood in Memphis gave a "Yard of the Month" award every month. I thought I deserved that award - I had a killer garden in my front yard. People would take walks in the evening would come down my street just to see my garden. The man who bought my house was one of them - said he had admired my garden for years. I had dug up 2/3 of my front lawn for flowerbeds and had everything. It was gorgeous.

But I never won. In seven years in that house, I never won.

After a few years, I wrote a satirical essay that was published in the paper in which I claimed that the award was obviously fixed because I had never won it. The satire would have been obvious to anyone with a drop of sense. Yet one of the people on the garden committee, which was anonymous, actually called me to indignantly tell me that the award was NOT fixed and that the reason I hadn't won was because they preferred a more formal garden.

When I told a friend's mom about the phone call, she laughed. Mrs B had been on the committee years ago. "It is so fixed!" she told me. "This other girl on the committee wanted to be invited to join the Women's Club so she asked us to give the award to the chair of the membership committee. That's how it worked."

Ha. I knew it.

My then-boyfriend, John, got tired of my whining and made me the great sign you see in both photos. The top photo is my garden here; the bottom is in Memphis. My garden here is not as nice as the one in Memphis. I don't get enough sun and the growing season is shorter. But it still is nice.

I put the sign out the other day and my neighbors and friends have been asking if I really won the award. I think about how gorgeous my tulips were and how lovely the irises are now and I just say, "Yes."


Fijufic said...

Hilarioyus. We are going to resurrect the "Golden Birdbath" award for what we see as the best lawn in the neighborhood.

I am on the committee with a few confederates who will think it is funny. We might do a "lawn of the fortnight" or something silly like that...

Having to tote a spray painted gold Birdbath is not an easy task...

Class factotum said...

Kind of like those garden guerrillas who strike in the middle of the night, pulling weeds from the median and planting flowers?