Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 636: Job security

Me: You'd better get ready for your new wife. Think how much fun it will be to have someone who agrees with you completely! You'll say, "Those [opposite of me] people are so stupid!" And she'll say, "Yeah!"

SH: Yep.

Me: And you'll say, "I can't believe anyone would vote for [someone SH doesn't like]!" And she'll say, "Yeah!"

SH: Yep.

Me: But you'd better eat all the steak and butter and frozen custard you can right now, because she'll make you be a vegan.

SH: No.

Me: And no more tennis. It's an affectation of the middle-class bourgeoisie.

SH: No!

Me: When you ask her where your clean clothes are and why the house is so dirty, she'll snap that she is not your maid, you patriarchal imperialist sexist oppressor.

SH: Hmm.

Me: But at least she'll agree with you about politics.

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