Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 674: It's all meat to me

Where do you guys stand on the paper towel/rags/dishtowel issue?

I know you will all be shocked to know that SH and differ on this.

What might surprise you is how we differ.

You've met my environmental activist, "We have to use crappy, poor light quality lightbulbs because they are cheaper and consume less fossil fuel than incandescent bulbs," "We are all slaves, slaves! to the military industrial complex!" husband. The one who boycotts stores based on 1. their political contributions and 2. if he liked their stuff anyhow. The one who gives most of his share of our charitable donations to environmental causes.

He is the one who rips off a paper towel for every little spill on the floor and when he wants to dry his hands.

I am the, "But that's wasteful! Use a dishtowel/rag!" person. There are rags under the sink. I keep it stocked. Old socks, old t-shirts, and soon, old (less than eight years, which is too young for a sheet to fail if you ask me) fitted sheet that I patched but has now developed a tear in another section.

There is a drawer full of dishtowels behind the sink. I change the towel every two days or so. When I cook, I wipe my hands on the towel without washing them because it is a pain in the neck to keep turning around and washing my hands. When I am done cooking, I toss the towel into the laundry.

SH comes from an environmental activist background. Yet I am a Bad Napkin User because I use cloth napkins instead of paper. Because I line dry clothes instead of using the dryer. Yeah, I don't understand, either.

Anyhow, today is our Big Smoking Day. The day that we throw a beef tenderloin, some other beef thingie, a chicken with rosemary, garlic and lime, and bacon-wrapped jalapenos (I am NOT going to use your word for it, Gary) on the smoker because when it's 90 degrees anyhow, it takes less fuel (Mr Environmental) to get the smoker to the proper temperature.

Speaking of 90 degrees anyhow: Someone has really screwed up the Wisconsin Weather Contract, which is supposed to be that in exchange for miserable, crummy, snow and ice and cold filled winters with high heating bills, we are supposed to get gorgeous summers with no a/c required.

If I have to use a/c, then I want to live in Texas or Tennessee again. At least they don't have miserable winters. Plus there is no state income tax.

Back to the towels. As SH and I were rubbing rosemary and garlic and lime on the chicken, he pulled some paper towels to wipe his hands.

He had already wiped his hands on the dishtowel when he had bacon on them. On his hands, that is. From preparing the jalapenos. He told me that the towel was now a cooking towel and not to use it on truly clean hands.

When I asked him why he couldn't wipe his chicken hands on the already bacon contaminated towel, he said that was different. He can't get CHICKEN on the towel. That's the BACON towel. I guess you can't co-mingle bacon and chicken. And I guess conserving resources (a/c, paper) is only for other people.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We're rag and towel people. The towels get replaced every day, because my husband is germphobic. Rags that are used to clean are washed after each use. I don't worry about our water use, because what's a few towels and rags on top of the laundry needs for four people, two of whom produce a fair amount of nasty exercise clothes on a daily basis?

Kathy said...

Oh my God, you make me laugh. My neighbors have a big dispute over dirt (on towels) and "dirty dirt." "Dirt" is kitchen-level. Def-con 1, if you will. Car use is "dirty dirt," Def-con five, apparently.

Joy said...

Rags and dishtowels. I am the granddaughter of a woman who survived the depression, and kitchen thrift runs deep. From what you've written before, I gather that you've got the midwestern farm roots way back, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that you understand that paper towels are a waste of money, even before one gets to the environmental aspect.

Joy said...

Here's where I differ from my mother, though. She has a towel in the kitchen that is for drying clean hands, and a towel that is for drying clean dishes, and woe the fool who fails to distinguish. I figure if the hands are clean and the dishes are clean, it's all good.

TosaGuy said...

Just tell him that the Koch Brothers own Wisconsin paper product mills.