Sunday, August 07, 2011

Further observations on ovine husbandry and the shearing guy

SH said it out loud first, so I don't feel bad going public with this: but that sheep shearing guy, shown in the photo in the previous post, was a hottie.

Well, that's not exactly what SH said. What SH said was that Shearing Guy (SG) had really nice muscles and my mom agreed and I agreed and we decided that the muscles one gets from doing honest labor as opposed to the muscles one gets from spending five hours a day in the gym (I can barely stand to be in the gym for one hour because it is so darn boring, which is why I don't have a gym physique - I have a "I exercise just enough so I can eat Oreo cake at the fair" physique) are a lot nicer. Gym muscles are fakey and look kind of useless. Working muscles develop in response to an actual need and lead to a more balanced physique.

SG looked very balanced indeed. Very nice.

Plus he was passionate about sheep and passion + nice muscles = wow.

The three of us cornered him for about 20 minutes after the shearing demo, asking various sheep questions. Did you know that the reason a sheep's tail is bobbed is to keep if from getting poop on it? Too much poop and flies lay eggs in it and then you have maggots, which is a very uncomfortable situation for a sheep or for any living creature.

But you have to bob the tail the proper amount. It should be long enough to cover the female sheep's parts, which do not have wool and are unprotected. Imagine completely exposed - parts. Ouch. In England, the amount you can bob a tail is legislated. Normally, I would go into "Why the heck is the government interfering in private business," except I do think that it is appropriate for the government to regulate how living things are allowed to treat other living things when the living things of the first part have shown themselves capable of being very cruel.

Wool is worth almost nothing these days - a few bucks for a shearing. So you have to have a lot of sheep to make a living at it. If you are going to throw a dairy operation on top of raising sheep for wool and mutton, you will get some very expensive milk. I decided this is not SH's and my retirement plan. Back to winning the lottery or making the cats work.

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