Saturday, September 03, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 316: In which SH says he is not like Shelon on Big Bang Theory but he is totally like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory

SH: Hey. What's this?

Me: That's the cherry tomato salad.

SH: I don't like cherry tomatoes. They're too bouncy. They're not silky.

Me: That makes sense. There is more surface tension because the skin to inside ratio is higher.

SH: Exactly!

Me: See, Sheldon had this whole soliloquy on why a one-patty burger was better than a two-patty burger. Because the bun to patty to condiment ratio was preferable. You are just like him.

SH: Well it depends on how thick the patties are. Like at In and Out Burger, the right amount of patties is two. But at Wendy's, it's one.

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