Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't call me dude, dude

I walked into T&D sandwiches yesterday afternoon after a half hour of searching for T&E sandwiches and waiting at least five minutes at each stop light as I drove around and around the intersection of Mowry and Blacow - man, these California stoplights are long - and ten minutes on the phone with Vanessa, my step-stepdaughter and mother of my gorgeous, edible, chubby-cheeked step-step grandson, who guided me past the Denny's to the shop. Ahead of me was a young guy with droopy pants and a baseball hat on backwards and another young man with a shaved head* except for a ponytail of dreads that reached halfway down his back. I think some of the dreads were extensions, but I couldn't be sure.

Dreadlock guy let the door close in front of me. I opened it and heard droopy pants guy snap at dreadlock guy:

Hey! You should open a door for a lady!

And he didn't even call me "Dude."

I have renewed hope for civilization.

* The Mohawk is also making a triumphant fashion return in the Bay area.


babeck said...

Wow, I was just down the street at the Trader Joe's at lunchtime yesterday... we could have almost run into each other accidentally! :-) One of my two favorite sushi places (Semo Sushi) is in the same parking lot with T&D (aka Lee's Sandwiches).... next time you're here, let's check it out... Have fun today!

John0 Juanderlust said...

redlights may be long, but beware the CA yellow lights. Barely longer than the blink of an eye.

LPC said...

Wait. You are in MY NECK OF THE WOODS and you didn't stop to say hello?

Class factotum said...

John, SH usually speeds through the yellow, but in CA, he hits the brakes.

LPC, I want to meet you, but saw that you had just started a new job. Plus, I thought you live in Marin! I will let you know next time and we'll figure out a way.

LPC said...

I live on the Peninsula and in SF. Next time:). I hope you have eaten well.

Class factotum said...

LPC, we stayed in Fremont near SH's HQ. The hotel shuttle took me to BART and I had SH's car one day. We'll have to work something out next time! I have more motivation to get out there now that we have not one but two gorgeous step-step grandbabies.