Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 198: Not Good enough

SH: Wait. I need to micromanage the laundry.

Me: What?

SH: I need those shirts for my trip tomorrow.

Me: Fine. Whatever.

After I have removed shirt #1 from the dryer, where it has tumbled for about five minutes, long enough to get the wrinkles out but not long enough to dry it, put it on a Good Hanger, pulled and smoothed the placket, the cuffs, the seams and the collar, and hung it on the gas line.

Me: Did I do it right?

SH: No!

Me: What's wrong with it? [Implied: You are a crazy person!]

SH: That's a really good shirt. It should go on a good hanger.

Me: That is a Good Hanger.

SH: It's not a Really Good Hanger.

Me: What?!

SH: It's the right kind, but it's not very good. There are better Good Hangers.

Me: You never told me there were grades within the Good Hanger category.

SH: There are.

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