Monday, October 24, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 263: Maybe I need a blue shirt

Me: Oh crap! I splattered soy sauce* on my shirt.

SH: You're not doing it right.

Me: I just took the tag off this shirt this morning!**

SH: I guess you learned a lesson about white t-shirts.

Me: Yes. Not to eat with chopsticks.

SH: No. The lesson is to wear a dark shirt.

* from using chopsticks, with which I am not proficient, to eat dim sum with Marissa and Brian.

** I buy white t-shirts in bulk, don't you? When they are on sale at Target or Kohl's, I stock up because no matter who you are, you are going to stain your white t-shirt before the end of the season.


Evelynne said...

SH does have a good point. :)

Unfortunately, I like white clothes, even though I spill stuff ALL THE TIME, especially if it's the first wearing. So I carry a Tide pen with me everywhere. It works great for foodstuff that's not oily. I spilled a few drops of coffee on my white linen pants while I was out and the Tide pen made it disappear completely.

Rubi said...

As a person possessed of a "continental shelf" with strongly attractive powers for tomato sauce, wine, etc., I second the Tide pen recommendation. They are so indispensable that I have brought a dozen with me to Madrid. (Where I've also created a number of firm converts!)