Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 323: Looking for my replacement

After another night of not turning out the light until almost midnight. Differing bedtime habits matter a lot more in a hotel than at home.

Me: You need a Nighttime Wife.

SH: A what?

Me: I'll be your wife during the day. I'll clean the house and make supper, but I want to be in bed by 10. After that, you can have a Nighttime Wife.

SH: Kind of like a job share?

Me: Exactly.

The next morning, as I am waiting for SH to get ready so we can get breakfast.

Me: Stop worrying about how my makeup is packed! Can we please focus?

SH: Instead of saying, "Can we focus?" my Nighttime Wife is going to say, "Can we dawdle?"

Me: Yeah.

SH: Should my Nighttime Wife be a whiner?

Me: Absolutely.

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