Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 925: Queuing theory

Me: Put whatever you want washed down the chute.

SH: Wait!

Me: I'm washing darks tomorrow.

SH: But that's not how it works.

Me: If you have anything you want washed, put it down there.

SH: Are you washing my work shirts?

Me: I'd rather not. Put anything you want washed before you leave on Sunday [this was Friday] down the chute.

SH: But there are things I might want for after I get back.

Me: That's fine. I don't have to do them now. I'll do them next week. Just triage for me.

SH [holding up a pair of navy slacks]: OK. I'll want these work pants when I get back.

Me: Fine. Wait! No! Don't put them down the chute!

SH: But I want them washed.

Me: Not tomorrow. I told you to triage.

SH: I am triaging. I'm telling you what I want washed for Sunday and what I want washed for later.

Me: Not by telling me. I'm not going to memorize all your clothes.

SH: But it's not that hard!

Me: I don't care. I am not going to try to remember. Just put them on the floor by my bed.

SH: The cats will sit on them!*

Me: FINE! Put them in the dining room.**

* They will. Is there anything more appealing to a cat than an item of clothing that will attract, retain and show cat hair?

** Which is formallment interdit to les chats.


smalltownme said...

Our mostly white cat loves anything black. Got to get the best contrast possible.

Rubi said...

Grey cat hair shows up on EVERYTHING.

Aren't I lucky?