Saturday, November 19, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 125: Nutella, or, My shoe museum

Me: Look at these shoes.

SH: Oh yuck.

Me: I know! And they're almost $500. But I like these [leopard print high heels].

SH: Why don't you ever wear your red heels any more?

You can tell this photo is old: I am wearing pantyhose and apparently, nobody does that any more.

Me: Because they hurt.

SH: How can they hurt?

Me: I am not used to wearing high heels anymore, plus I have lost fat from the bottom of my feet. (Apparently, one of only two places I actually want fat and guess what, it's the only place it disappears from.)

SH: Do you still have them?

Me: Yes.

SH: Why?

Me: I like them.

SH: But you're not wearing them. Shouldn't you give them to Goodwill?

Me: Asks the man who owns how many watches? [At least 20 - he collected watches before he married me.]

SH: That's not the same at all.

Me: Oh yes it is.

I love my shoes. I don't care if I can't wear them any more. I just want to look at them and remember that there was a time when I wore sleek, beautiful shoes. When I visited my godmother in the nursing home a few years ago - she was over 90 years old - her lament was that when her kids had cleaned out her house and moved her into the home, her daughter had given away her shoes. "I had the most beautiful silver dancing shoes," she sighed. "I loved those shoes."

This post obviously is not about Nutella, but it seems that putting the word "Nutella" in the title creates an awful lot of interest. I wanted to test my hypothesis. Although perhaps "Nutella" and "shoes" in the same title is a bad idea. Who knows if people want to read about the shoes or about the Nutella? I probably need to perform more tests.


Jen on the Edge said...

I can't believe those sneakers are $500. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Your red shoes are gorgeous. Also, pantyhose are back in style. Kate Middleton/Duchess of Something/Mrs. Windsor resurrected the practice.