Monday, November 07, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 258: Saving time

SH: I want these clocks (the clock on the microwave and the clock on the oven) to match.

Me: Uh huh.

SH: That's why I pressed the buttons at the same time.

Me: You're nuts.

SH: I also want them to be a minute fast, but no more than a minute fast. But they could get less accurate.

Me: Uh huh. [Because I don't care. I am never late. People who try to fool themselves into being on time by setting their clocks ahead are still late. It just takes a commitment to being on time. No tricks.]

SH: Electric clocks may become less accurate. The frequency is 60 Hz but it's not constant. They force it to average 60 Hz. Electric companies may be allowed to let the frequency of the power vary slightly.The clocks could become slightly less accurate.

Me: How do you know this stuff?


sharon said...

Isn't it amazing that men know such detail about things that never cross our minds. Electricity? Hz? Watts? Ohms? Amps? Isn't it all just magic? But then we women surprise our men with our own knowledge of curious things,...oh, such as what 'aubergine' is, and how to identify a fake Gucci handbag, you know, important things!

My own SH has re-calibrated all clocks and timers in the house. All that remains is for me to re-set the clock in my car --and frankly, I can remember that it's an hour off.

Thanks for my daily chuckle!

Rubi said...

Hey! How'd that "Toro Osborne" get to Germany?

Class factotum said...

Sharon, SH does not understand the importance of a quality purse or quality trash can!

Rubi, I took that photo in a Spanish restaurant in Munich. We had the best meal of our trip there.

Rubi said...

Plenty more of those around here, hint hint.

My verification word is "flumsag" -- sounds like something you might have had at the worst meal of your trip.

Class factotum said...

Rubi, perhaps we should do it, if just for the tapas and the serrano ham.

Rubi said...

And let's not forget that it's the right time of year to buy yourself a "caganer" at the Christmas Market in the Plaza Mayor.