Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 451: It's getting deeper and here I am without a shovel

SH: You liked it here the first time you came and that was in December.

Me: Yeah, but you were in an apartment with covered parking and unlimited heat. And someone else did the shoveling.

SH: So you were tricked.

Me: Yes.

SH: You just don't have the right attitude toward shoveling.

Me: And what's that, person who does almost none of the shoveling around here?

SH: For every time you shovel, you get to skip a day at the gym.

Me: Yeah, I don't think so.


greatbleuheron said...

He might be right this one time.

deb said...

I could never shovel again and be very happy.

Actually, for 18 years I managed to be living in a state where no shoveling is ever required.

Why, oh why, did I move back here?