Friday, November 04, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 698: I'm not doing it right

SH: Do The Traveling Wilburys belong under "T" or "W?"

Me: T.

SH: I was looking for U2 and saw The Traveling Wilburys, so I moved left, because I thought, "Wilburys is a name."

Me: I alphabetized your CDs, remember?

SH: You did it wrong.

Me: Bands go by the first name, individuals go by the last name.

SH: No!

Me: Then how do you do it?

SH: [no answer]

Me: Alan Parsons, under "P." The Alan Parsons Project, under "A."

SH: What about Eric Clapton?

Me: Really? C.

SH: What about Ben Folds?

Me: Is that a band or a person?

SH: Person. AND a band.


Rubi said...

Sounds like a job for the Chicago Manual of Style to me! Thank goodness it's online now.

greatbleuheron said...

I believe that the band is Ben Folds Five--so there you are back under B again.

Tish Jett said...

Your life is extremely complicated, and, at times, it appears, stress inducing.

I hope you get enough rest to cope.


babeck said...

My solution is to not bother alphabetizing the CDs because they already are on my iPhone, iPad & computer... That's how I listen anyway....;-)) Hang in there!

GB said...

Ask yourself, "How would iTunes alphabetize it?". And exactly what are these "CDs" anyway?