Sunday, November 06, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 74: These were Italian!

SH wants to take a trip to Europe over Christmas so he can get enough miles to maintain his status. My ticket would be free on frequent flier miles and he has enough hotel points that we wouldn't have to pay for lodging. I do like that part. But I am not crazy about 1. traveling over Christmas and 2. going someplace cold.

SH: We could go to Spain.

Me: But it will still be cold there,

SH: Not as cold as here.

Me: What about if we go to Colombia? It would be warm. And guess what you could say?

SH: What?

Me: "Is this the bus to Cartagena?"

SH: But we could say that in Spain, too!

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babeck said...

Sounds logical! We are headed to Playa del Carmen in a week for the exact same reason.... to maintain frequent flyer status.... Someplace warm would certainly be a great idea as a getaway from Christmas in Wisconsin!!! :-)

Christa said...

Muhahah! I LOVE that movie! I wouldn't want to travel over Christmas either unless I was promised warmth and maybe tropical sand.

Rubi said...

Need I remind you of the prime reason to come to Spain? (Not just because I'm here and would take you on an epic tapas crawl...)