Friday, December 02, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 998: Noodling around

SH: Hey! You put the leftovers in the container and they're still warm! [Of the chow fun noodles I made with the llama chops we got at Pinter's in Dorchester this summer. I am calculating how to have 40 lbs of them shipped to us in January. SO GOOD.]

Me: You be quiet.

SH: And it looks like the proportion of noodles is a lot higher in the container than in what's left in the pan.

Me: So rearrange. I don't care.

SH: There's a ton of this! Don't you think we should freeze some?

Me: I don't think it will freeze well.

SH: But I'm leaving on Sunday and that means I won't get my share.

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