Saturday, December 17, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 307: It's so fluffeh! part 2

Me: I have to tell you a story!

SH: What?

Me: I was sitting in bed reading and all of a sudden, I started hearing this low rumbling. It would start and stop and start and stop.

SH: What was it?!

Me: I thought it might be the furnace - it had just kicked on.

SH: Oh no! What was it?!

Me: So I thought, I better go downstairs and make sure nothing's wrong with the furnace.

SH: TELL ME! Is something wrong?

Me: I got up and walked around the bed - and there was Laverne --

SH: OH NO! Was she OK?

Me: She was on the floor at the foot of the bed on top of the fluffy pants. They had fallen to the floor and she was standing on them, kneading them and purring the loudest I have ever heard her.

SH: Why did you put me through all this?

Me: You really don't like suspense, do you?

Photo credit: The Big Factotum

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