Friday, December 09, 2011

Marriage 401, Lecture 516: Not lazy but really?

This guy is not lazy. He is waiting for the saw to start. Which it won't for a while, because he is not stupid - he would not lean on a piece of machinery about to start.

After SH goes from the kitchen to the bathroom for a drink of water.

Me: There's water in the kitchen, you know.

SH: Yes, but the glass is already out in the bathroom.

Note: the cupboard containing SH's Lakefront Brewery tour glasses is 40 inches from the kitchen tap. As in, a normal person can stand in front of the tap and open the cabinet without moving. OK, with only leaning over a little bit.

Me: You'd rather walk through the hall and to the bathroom than open the cupboard?

SH: There's stuff in the sink.

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