Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wisconsin 101: You no eat meat?

At the mechanic as I am dropping off the car to have the snow tires put on. The owner notices me glancing at an Aldi ad on the table.

Owner: Get the lamb.

Me: What?

Owner: The lamb. It's on sale. I got it and it was good.

Me: I'm not sure about lamb. I made lamb shanks a few weeks ago and realized after all the work that I really don't like mutton.

Owner: This lamb is not gamy. This is Wisconsin lamb. You might have had Australian lamb. That has a really strong flavor.

Owner's dad: Bah! Americans do not know how to eat lamb.

Owner: This lamb is good.

Owner's dad: You want good lamb? You come to festival. I make lamb. [He gets out his smartypants phone and shows me photos of roasting lamb.] See? I make you whole lamb. Here shish kebab. You want good lamb? You buy lamb, I make for you. One hundred forty dollars and you get 35 pounds of lamb.

Owner: That Aldi lamb is good and it's a good price.

Owner's dad: Bah! You no get good lamb cheap. When we have festival, we buy 1,000 pounds of lamb and get wholesale. Seven dollars.

Owner: The Aldi lamb is $6.50 a pound.

Owner's dad: Oh. That is good price.


Anonymous said...

Sounds eerily like that scene in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

kristinintexas said...

I could hear this whole thing in my head. Fantastic.

Class factotum said...

Anon, I did steal the title from the movie.

Thank you, Kristin.