Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 898: Detail man

SH: Oh - I forgot to turn out the garage lights.

Me: So?

SH: I didn't want to do it while I was out there. [He was grilling salmon - yes, SH grills in the winter - is that odd?]

[I think that's perfectly reasonable - I would leave the light on until I was in the house so I can see, but I suspect SH has a different reason.]

Me: Why didn't you turn them off out there?

SH: Because then the switch inside would be in the wrong position.


Joy said...

You live in Wisconsin. Grilling in the winter is not odd.

Rubiatonta said...

I have a friend in RI whose husband grills year-round. In foul weather gear and a sou'wester, if necessary.

And that light switch position issue is often a problem at my mom and stepdad-the-engineer's house. Go figure.

Class factotum said...

If SH didn't grill in bad weather, he would use that grill only two months of the year.

So the light switch position is an engineer thing?

Rubiatonta said...

I think it must be. It doesn't appear to be a blonde thing.