Saturday, February 04, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 120: Motion of the ocean, not the size of the ship

Me: Here it is. The Magnum pepper mill. Six inches.

SH: That's not it. There's a bigger one.

Me: Yes, this one is nine inches. But the gift certificate is for $50 and the nine inch mill costs $49, so we'd have to pay for shipping.*

SH: Oh. But the nine inch one is bigger. Sometimes people prefer that.

Me: Is it 50% better?

SH: Sometimes, people like bigger.

* No, we are not in the habit of spending $50 on a pepper mill, but we are buying this as a gift to use a gift certificate we got to a store that has NOTHING, NOTHING we want, unless you consider an alligator-shaped server for stuffed jalapeno peppers to be desirable.

SH got this pepper mill as a gift a few years ago and likes it, so we thought we would give it as a gift to our friends who lack a pepper mill. Better than the cert going to waste.


Beryl said...

Do your friends have space for the 9" pepper mill? A 9" pepper mill wouldn't fit in my spice shelves.
Don't you hate having a gift certificate to a store you don't usually buy from? Once I entered a contest at a store I really liked that was sponsored by a group of stores and won first prize - $100, but it was in the form of 4 - $25 gift certificated to stores that sold stuff that didn't interest me. Huge waste of time.

Rubiatonta said...

Is the 9" one the size also known as a "Porfirio"? (Worth Googling for the giggles...)

Rubiatonta said...

Sorry, make that a "Rubirosa." (No relation.)

Class factotum said...

Beryl, this mill will have to go on their table.

And yes, I do hate getting a cert from a store where I don't want to shop. This particular cert isn't even traded on the secondary gift cert market, so we were really stuck.

Rubi! My goodness. That would be quite handy, wouldn't it?