Thursday, February 09, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 141: Beauty school dropout

Me: So I was facebookstalking people from high school last night.

SH: Yeah?

Me: There was this girl. We weren't friends. But I knew who she was. She was kind of obnoxious and strident.

SH: Um-hmm. [Pretending to be interested.]

Me: The main thing I remember about her was that she was so poorly groomed: sloppy, dirty hair, greasy face. But this cute guy in my class would neck with her! He wouldn't pay any attention to me, but he necked with her!

SH: Sweetie. Sometimes girls like that get attention because they put out.

Me: Maybe that's what she was doing. But she was so icky. I wasn't a fashion queen, but at least my hair was clean.

SH: Hmm.

Me [leaning forward and poking SH in the arm]: Guess what she's doing now. Guess!

SH: I have no idea.


SH: You don't have to look good to own a beauty school.

Me: I guess not!

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