Friday, February 03, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 210: For better or for hirsute

Me: Feel this. It's been a week since I shaved my legs.

SH: Why?

Me: I'm on strike against the shower and the bathroom heater. And winter.

SH: Yep. Not shaved. I finally have that long leg hair hippie chick I've always wanted.


Beryl said...

I was in Hawaii, looked down at my legs amd realized that I had not even thought to shave my legs. Underarms, yes - legs, huh? Last time shaving legs? This summer, when my husband noticed the inch long hair. Admittedly, these hairs are blonde, so not that noticable until braided and beaded.

Joy said...

Leg hair sounds like a decent political compromise for you guys. An aesthetic, rather than substantive one, to be sure, but hey, take what you can get!

Class factotum said...

Beryl, you could start a new fashion trend - braided leg hair.

Joy, that is all he is going to get!