Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 316: Lockout

We went to singing class again. The teacher told us that the four teenage girls were going to return to the class until the tae kwan do class starts in a few weeks. At the start of class, he shut the door. "Does that door lock?" one of my classmates asked.

The teacher didn't get it but I did. There are a few of us who find the four teenagers and the loud dance teacher quite annoying.

"If the four girls are bothering anyone, let me know," the teacher suggested, "and I'll say something."

I'm not sure why the burden of identifying bother should be on the other students and not on the teacher, but there you go. Perhaps the teacher is assuming that because this is a voluntary recreational class, there will be no students attending who are not actually interested in being there.

He closed the door. Dance Lady showed late, but was discreet for once.

We heard a light knock a few minutes later, but nothing. "Was that someone knocking?" the teacher asked. He went to the door and looked up and down the hallway. Nothing. He shrugged.

A little while after that, we heard giggling. There were the four girls, standing outside the door, laughing and talking. They would look through the window and laugh some more. I almost went to the door to ask them to be quiet, but then they went away.

After class, SH, Q'rs T'yna, and I went to karaoke. We invited the teacher - and anyone else in class - to join us. Teacher said sure! he'd love to and he'd be there in a few - he had to put away his equipment.

We waited and waited and waited. He didn't show. SH sang some of his show-off songs just in case. Who doesn't want to impress the teacher?

Good thing my ego is not bound up in singing. Good thing I know I'm a good cook so I have something else to bolster my confidence. Although being a good cook doesn't really get you that far socially. Unless you are entertaining a lot, which we do not. It gets you nowhere professionally unless you're a chef. Hmm. Now I realize being a good cook is worthless, at least from a self confidence POV. Should I be despondent?

Forty five minutes later, when we were almost ready to leave - SH was within 15 minutes of finishing his beer - he drinks about eight inches an hour, which makes going out to dinner with him pure agony, as he always saves three inches of beer for the end of his meal. It already takes him 40% longer to eat than it does me, so I have to sit there and twiddle my fingers while I watch him eat, knowing that the food being gone doesn't even mean we get to leave but that he'll still have beer to drink.

Sometimes going out to eat is not my favorite thing.

So 45 minutes later, the teacher showed up. "I had to talk to the parents of the girls," he said. "They told their parents I had locked them out of class."

If only.

"But you didn't," I said. "I'm confused. Why were the parents intervening? The girls didn't even try to come in!"

He shrugged. But we all knew the answer. Helicopter parents who are convinced that their child would never, never do anything wrong and that anything bad that happens must be the fault of someone else.

Then he sang and then we all left. The end.

PS I stuck to my strengths - Karen Carpenter and Olivia NJ. I tried Carly Simon's Anticipation, but realized after the first line that this was not going to happen, so rather than risk the "You suck!" calls from the pool table, I told Buttons to turn it off. My ego might not be bound up in my singing, but I still don't want complete humiliation.


Michael said...

Just tell people you are a successful blogger - if they are amazed: Ego boost. If they scoff, blog about them!

Rubiatonta said...

Long distance request from Rubi: "Chelsea Morning," Joni Mitchell. (Trust me on this one.)

Class factotum said...

Michael, that makes me think of some people whose judgment I no longer trust who told SH and me not to see "Julie and Julia" because it was about (and they sneered at this part) "a blogger."

Rubi, the playlist last night:

It's So Easy to Fall in Love, Linda Rondstadt
Here You Come Again, Dolly Parton
Anticipation, Carly Simon (this one is very hard)
Mad About You, Belinda Carlisle (our singing teacher went with us and told me this song is too low for me)
Waterloo, Abba
You're No Good, Linda Rondstadt