Monday, February 13, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 597: Don't sqeeze the Charmin

SH: We need half and half.

Me: Yes.

SH: And toilet paper.

Me: Yes.

SH: It's on sale at Target.

Me: I could go on Friday after the gym.

SH: But we'll be out of half and half before then. Why can't we just go together Wednesday night after class? Target is on the way home. [We have signed up for a singing class so we can have a winter hobby that is not eating, which is our main common interest.]

Me: I don't want to shop with you.

SH: This isn't like buying bacon. I don't have to look at every single package. It's just toilet paper.

Me: You'll find a way.


sharon said...

A wife asked her husband to stop at the store and bring home a quart of milk. "And if they have eggs, bring home six." He returned home carrying six quarts of milk. When she asked about this, his reply was simple. "They had eggs."

Yet another example of the chasm between how men and women think.

Enjoy your day, you always make mine brighter!

Beryl said...

Sharon, That is right on the money! Very funny.
Hey Class, I hope your Singing Lessons turn out better than our Tango Lessons.
I was just at Target with my husband and they had a really cute purse, that I commented on - saying that our daughter would like that style. Next thing I know, he is hanging it on a rack with better lighting, snapping a phone picture and sending it with a message to her, asking if she would like her mother to buy her this purse. So now I'm out $40, and her father is a hero for putting this whole deal together.

Class factotum said...

Sharon, that is hilarious! SH often returns from his hunting/shopping expeditions with a year's supply of toothpaste or toilet paper. At least he overbuys things that won't spoil.

Beryl, did you see the post I did when SH took photos of the underwear at Target and sent it to me?

You should totally get the credit if you paid.