Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spain 14: The tragedy of the shoes

Remember my beautiful leopard print shoes that I got in Madrid after lots of effort?

They are on sale.

For 30% less than I paid for them.

So are my boots.

And my high heels.

Is there any worse feeling than knowing you paid more than you had to for something?

I suppose not buying it in the first place hoping it would go on sale only to find that your size is gone once the sale starts, which is what always happens with 8.5 in the U.S., but Spanish women must have smaller feet than I do - they definitely have skinnier calves - so my size is still available.

At least here, if the store puts something on sale after you've bought it, you can get your price adjustment. SH spends Sunday mornings combing the Menards and Target ads, looking for things we have already bought so he can find the receipt in the Leaning Tower of Visa and get the price adjustment. He hasn't done this so much lately because of his Menards boycott and because we have been trying to buy less stuff.

I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that if I had waited for the sale in Madrid, I wouldn't have the shoes at all. And remember to go there in February next time instead of at Christmas.


Rubiatonta said...

I'd like to see you try to get a price adjustment at El Corte Ingl├ęs -- those salesladies are just as scary as they were when we were kids!

Are there any shoes that you didn't get, but wanted? I could always send you a little care package...

Class factotum said...

Rubi, I need to take a look to see if there's anything I missed. We were so rushed I did not get to have a proper shoe-buying experience.