Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wisconsin 101: Custard conspiracy

SH: The middle of February is going to be busy.

Me: Why?

SH: Because Kopps and Oscars have all the flavors I want at once.

Me: What do they have?

SH: Tiramisu on the 7th. Tiramisu again on the 17th. Chocolate chocolate chip on the 18th. Midnight chocolate cake on the 19th. Never Enough Chocolate on the 22nd.

Me: That is an awful lot of custard.

SH: Then Oscars has Death by Chocolate on the 17th!

Me: You cannot get all that custard.

SH: It's like there's a conspiracy to put all the chocolate flavors together in a small part of the month!

Me: And the purpose of that conspiracy?

SH: I don't know! But they're not doing it right.

Me: It's a good thing we bought the deep freezer.


Beryl said...

When it's too cold or just plain odd in Oklahoma, I go to Southen California to stay for a month or so. I always check the flavor schedule for Stricklands so I don't accidentally fly there the day after the Cherry Chocolate Chip or Pistachio. (I just wish they'd make Spumoni.)

Class factotum said...

I wish I could go to California for a month. You lucky duck.