Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wisconsin 101: No good deed goes unpunished

This is what happens when you let the little old man with three cans of Campbell's soup go in front of you in the line at the store. You are thinking, "Oh, poor old man. Doesn't even know how to cook for himself. Has to eat Campbell's soup. Bless his heart. Maybe he's a recent widower."

So you tell him to go ahead of you with your cauliflower, oranges, peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes. You have more items, you're going to take more time. You're not in a rush. Why not let the old guy go first?

He asks if you're sure.

Of course you are!

He puts his three pitiful cans of soup on the belt. The cashier scans them. The old man says, "Oh! I didn't know it was four for three dollars! Let me go get another can."

The cashier says, "You can still pay now, sir."

Old man: No - let me just run and get another can. [As he starts to shuffle. Bless his heart.]

Cashier: Sir. It's OK if you pay first and then get another. I'll keep these right here for you.

Old man: Well OK then. [Opens wallet, rifles through.] Can you break a fifty?


webb said...

Just discovered your series of lectures on Wisconsin. Thank goodness! My step mother is from Stevens Point (can't get much more Wisconsin than that!). I hope to learn to understand her by reading your lectures. thanks ;-)

Class factotum said...

You betcha, Webb! My dad graduated from UW Stevens Point. Point is a lovely little city. We drive through it every time we go north to see my family.