Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 365: How can I miss you if you won't go away

While SH is on his first long trip for months, I had great plans. I had ambition. I was going to Get Things Done, the kind of Thing that makes SH go all, "Whooooo!" if I tell him about it because he gets stressed at the idea of anything happening in the house that he is not controlling.

That's why I like to clean house or scoop the cat box or put away the silverware when he's not there to supervise. SH has very definite ideas about how things should be done, but he does not necessarily want to do them himself. My motto is that unless you want to take over, bud, then be quiet and let me do it my way.

The things I was going to do - not the things I wanted to do - wait. Let me tell you what I want to do but can't do until SH is dead:

Throw away the Manistee Michigan Visitors Guide, Summer 2011
Throw away the carryout plastic containers from various restaurants
Get rid of all - not just some - of the empty corrugated boxes in the basement
Sell the NordicTrac that SH has had since I met him but has not used once
Get rid of all the old phones and old computers. SH's office looks like an electronics museum

But blesshisheart, SH did toss a bunch of corrugated boxes this weekend. Seven, at least. He replaced the air filter in the furnace. He moved crap from the dining room into the basement. It's not that he's lazy. It's just that he is a quasi-hoarder.

There is a tiny bit of method to his madness. I do not accumulate things and occasionally, this comes back to haunt me. I had some shoe inserts that were several years old. I finally said to myself that I was not going to buy shoes that didn't fit any more anyhow, so why would I need the inserts?

A month later, I bought the Spanish high heels that were too tight in the next size down and just a tiny bit loose in the next size up. I can get inserts, I thought.

Which of course I can but wouldn't it have been better never to have thrown away the old ones? Then I wouldn't be spending another $7 at Walgreen's. I would have $7 more to apply toward future shoe purchases.

Where was I?

Oh. On the What I Was Going To Do while SH is gone. I was going to

1. Patch the peeling paint in the shower stall. I repainted the entire bathroom, using mildew resistant primer, when we moved into the house. I did this when I moved into my house in Memphis, as well. Tell me - shouldn't professional contractors who re-do houses know to use mildew resistant paint in the bathroom? Why should it be left to me, an amateur, to clean up their peeling paint mess?
2. Paint the baseboards, which have become scuffed and dirty since we moved into the house. I'm sure cats don't help, especially cats who bat marbles and pens around
3. Paint the risers on the basement stairs for the same reason.

Then I started thinking. That sounded like a lot of work, plus it involved paint, which is a pain in the neck and requires special clothes and I probably threw away all my paint clothes last summer because I thought, I won't be painting any more.

I wondered if maybe the Mr Clean Magic Eraser, plus a toothbrush and some elbow grease, might not solve the scuffing problem.

Darned if it didn't clean it right up. After some work, of course, but I was going to have to clean them anyhow before I painted and now I had what I wanted without doing the extra work of painting.

Which made me think that maybe the bathroom can wait. Why get out all the painting stuff for one little patch?

So now, instead of Getting Things Done, I am goofing off. I mean, diligently looking for a job.


webb said...

Mr. Clean white things rock! Save a ton of real work. i go thru them like cotton balls!

Class factotum said...

They're good for soap scum, too. Man, I hate soap scum. If someone would invent a shower tile that would stay clean with no effort from me, I would pay lots and lots of money for it.

Joy said...

Can't help you on the soap scum, but if your shower tends toward general mildew, it helps to spray it down daily with diluted tea tree oil. It's a natural anti-fungal and thus not as harsh as bleach-based things. The little bottle is expensive (I paid $15 recently, but that was probably partly the godawful Manhattan markup), but it lasts forever. Put a teaspoon or so in a spray bottle and fill it with water, and then just mist the shower lightly when you're done showering. It helps a lot at keeping the mildew down.

Anonymous said...

OR move to Colorado!

Class factotum said...

Joy, I don't have much of a mildew problem on the tiles. The shower curtain starts to mildew and I zap it with a bleach/water solution. Tea oil would smell nicer and I wouldn't have to wait until I was naked to use it. I have gotten bleach spots on more than one pair of pants. Which shows I am a very slow learner.

Anon aka Mom, you know I will never get to escape from here.