Saturday, March 03, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 568: Who's in charge?

SH: Wow. It's supposed to snow nine inches tonight.

Me: Yuck.

SH: I guess you'll have to shovel in the morning.

Me: I have to shovel?

SH: I have to be somewhere at 10.

Me: Then I guess you'll have to shovel.

SH: I thought you were the chief snow shoveler in this house.

Me: During the week I am. On the weekends, it's a joint task.

SH: But I have to be somewhere.

Me: Oh I'll shovel. But it will be at my convenience.

SH: Before 10?

Me: Probably not.


Anonymous said...

Wow--we had 45 bags of mulch delivered this morning by the Boy Scouts for their 'Mulch Madness' fundraisers--$3 a bag, delivered--plus a fundraiser--can't beat that.
Anyway, hubby is out of town this week-end. I called him to let him know the delivery was made & that I was going to start moving the bags of mulch off of the lawn where the boy scouts had neatly piled them. He forbade me to touch them...."Oh, really? Ok, if you insist, Honey!" :D Love being married to a Southern Gentleman! We have been married 26 years and he will not let me touch the lawn mower. Sweet! White Chocolate

Class factotum said...

That is a great deal on delivered mulch! My garden is almost mulchless because I get so tired of driving back and forth to the nursery.