Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 582: Sweet nothings

Pre [wxyz]

Person 1: Card check

Person 2: Union thugs

1: Gun control

2: Concealed carry

1: No nukes

2: Castle doctrine

1: Tax, tax, tax

2: Tax cuts

1: Recall

2: Mandate

1: Solidarity.

2: Right to work

1: Yes you can!

2: Well, I'm hot. Are you?


Sam Sattler said...

The canal boats in your picture bring back some great memories. I had a buddy in Uxridge (west of London a bit) who lived in one of those on a canal near our office there. We took it out on weekends and a couple of one-week trips and that proved to be some of the most fun i've ever had.

Class factotum said...

Sam, I want to take one of those barge cruises of the Danube. I've never been interested in an ocean cruise, but one where you can see things from the boat? And make frequent stops? That would be cool.