Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 823: Fashion is his life

SH: I don't have a nice lightweight jacket for business travel.

Me: You have that silk sportcoat.

SH: It doesn't really go with the new shirts you got me.

These new shirts - the Boston Store was having its Goodwill sale, but SH didn't manage to get to it, so I took in the donations, got the coupons, and picked out four shirts I thought he might like that I definitely liked. They met the shirt rules as far as I understood them: not made in China, cotton or mostly cotton, no big logos, and blue. Except for one peach polo. I think he would look good in peach. We are awash in blue, which looks really good on him, but sometimes, one wants a change.

I guess I did OK: he actually liked two of the four I got. One was rejected because it had the wrong kind of pleat in the back. Who knew? He wouldn't even try on the peach shirt: he didn't like how the placket was sewn, he didn't like the logo (small and I could have removed it), and he doesn't like the brand. What did Izod ever do to him?

But 50%. That's good in baseball.

Me: Yeah - I guess it wouldn't.

SH: I have a fleece, but that's not appropriate. My black leather jacket is too heavy.

Me: You could take a sweater.

SH: But what if I get too warm?

Me: Duh. You take the sweater off.

SH: But then my hair gets messed up!

Me: Oh Lord.

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