Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 98: Gold digger job description

Me: I don't know how to clean this [felt] hat.

SH: All I know is how to put stuff in the machine and how to take it to the dry cleaners. I don't do any hand washing. Nothing with Woolite in the sink.

Me: If I become the breadwinner and you become the gold digger, you'll have to do it.

SH: Oh no I won't.

Me: Oh yes you will. The person who is staying home does the housework. That's the rule.

SH: The role of the male gold digger is not to do any hand washing.

Me: Oh yes it is.

SH: The answer to hand washing is that you don't buy anything that needs to be hand washed.


deb said...

Yep, have to agree with SH. I check labels and haven't bought anything that required hand washing in at least several decades. No drying flat anymore, either.

One less thing on the ever growing to-do list.

Class factotum said...

I try to get stuff that can be machine washed, but some things just have to go in the sink. I think he'd be happy with the tradeoff!