Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 319: You're in my spot


After SH was gone for several days.

SH: Hey! You're not doing it right!

Me: What now?

SH: You have your towel in my towel place and mine in yours.

Me: So?

SH: That's wrong!

Me: Why does it matter?

SH: Because that's my spot! And you're in my spot!



webb said...

I feel your pain. The hamper of dirty white clothes goes on the left and the dirty colored clothes go on the right .... or is it white and the right and colored on the left ...? who cares? they are so totally weird about stuff like that.

LPC said...

And the label, has to be INSIDE the shower rail, right?

Joy said...

I'm SH in this one. My husband can't remember where his towel goes, which towel is his, where his toothbrush goes, which one is his. As long as I'm here, I maintain a strict monitoring regime, but if I come back from out of town, I often find that he's now using my towel or toothbrush and is utterly unaware of that fact.

Class factotum said...

Webb, his parents live in total chaos. Maybe this is his rebellion?

LPC, I am embarrassed to say that I am the one who always puts the label on the inside. And I never even thought about it until you mentioned it!

Joy, our toothbrushes are different colors, but sometimes I forget which one is mine and use his. He'll get all freaky about it, even though he'll kiss the same mouth that touches the toothbrush.

Joy said...

I'll fully cop to the fact that it's illogical to be willing to kiss someone but be very grossed out by them using your toothbrush. All the same, I wish that he could remember which color is his.

Class factotum said...

Joy, maybe you could label his toothbrush. Or buy him a Little Mermaid one that is easy to identify.