Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 657: Whining in stereo

SH, upon seeing me use the seam ripper to remove the tag from a shirt. Why, why, why do manufacturers insist on putting scratchy tags on clothes?: Oh! The seam ripper! Is that the one that infected my leg?

Me: Maybe.

SH: Or was it Dr B's office?

Me: Let's think about that. Which is the more likely patient zero spot for an infection: a doctor's office being run by a highly-trained medical professional or our house and an implement used for sewing?

SH: I think I got the infection in Dr B's office.

Me: Yeah, right.

SH: Plus, he called me a whiner.

Me: Well, if the shoe fits.

SH: I'm not a whiner!

Me: Yeah?

SH: He kept poking me and poking me. He said it would feel like a bee sting, but then after the fourth or fifth time, I said, "Ow!" He poked me about a dozen times with that needle!

Me: I see.

SH: I thought you said he had told you I was a whiner.

Me: And if he had, I would have said, "Yes. I know. I live with him."

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