Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wisconsin 101: House proud

You guys, it's been a busy day - lots of cooking and cleaning and a haircut and swimming and SH drama, which is usually good copy but this was just regular I hate my job drama and really, who among us hasn't thought that almost every day sometimes?

Oh! I do have to tell you that I made the mistake of looking up some old enemies on LinkedIn and I discovered that the awful project manager at my old job had the nerve to describe himself as a "Visionary leader!"

AS IF!!!!

And yet, I was laid off and he was not. However, he had a protector high up in the company, which can be very useful. I did not. The people who liked me had all left the company, at least the people with power.

Do you want to know what I cooked? Well I'll tell you. Then I'll tell you what I started out to write.

I made amaretti cookies with my leftover almond flour and egg whites, but I used triple sec instead of amaretto and guess what? They were still delicious.

I also made green goddess dressing with leftover buttermilk and I have to say it's a bit boring.

I had leftover egg whites because I needed egg yolks to make the ricotta gnocchi. After I formed the gnocchi, which are in the freezer as we speak.

I will not be cooking for the next few days.

So where was I?

Oh. I had book club tonight. MJ cracked me up. She said she would host book club next month, but only the last week of the month. She was going to be out of town the third week, she said.

Then she paused.

"Wait," she said. "I have to tell you the truth. The reason I only want to do it the last week of the month is that I've hired a cleaning service for that Monday. So I want to take advantage of having a clean house."

She paused again. "Wait. I have to tell you more. The times I have had you over? My mother in law has come over to clean."

My solution would be just to dim the lights, but that's me.

3 comments: said...

Mmmm...gnocchi...mmmm...amaretti. C-L-E-A-N. I'm not sure I know that word. Is it ancient Sumerian? Persian perhaps?

webb said...

Sanscrit? or maybe just something written in the dust under the dining room table?

sounds like good food in the larder, tho. happy weekend!

Class factotum said...

I think it's Mayan and I think it means, "Eat more chocolate."