Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wisconsin 101: So nice I bought it twice

I always check out the bargain counter at Sendik's. That's where I get my produce and my Miller's pretzel rolls. The gnocchi I made yesterday? That was with the bargain counter ricotta. There was nothing wrong with it - it was just within a day or two of expiration and they wanted to sell it rather than toss it. I got 11 pounds of butter that way. It was about to expire. I bought it and threw it in the freezer. Nothing wrong with frozen butter that can be easily converted into Italian sesame cookies, which is what I made on Sunday.

Yesterday, I picked through the grocery bargain bin. I got a bunch of sweetened condensed milk - Hello, key lime pie - that I guess maybe they are going to stop carrying, some coconut, two boxes of gluten-free ladyfingers (for gluten-free tiramisu) and a carton of matzo farfel. There were other post-Passover items, but when I read that cake meal is just a substitute for flour, I thought, "I have flour." So I didn't get the cake meal. Or the coconut-covered marshmallows, even though they looked good. Two dollars is still too expensive.

When I got home and took the stuff down to the pantry shelves in the basement - a basement is a nice thing to have if you don't want to have to be judicious about which junk comes into your house and which doesn't, which means SH is in junk-collecting heaven, I discovered I already had a carton of matzo farfel from last year.

It has not been opened.

Because I have no idea what matzo farfel is or how to use it.

But it was a good deal.


Anonymous Mother said...

I think that is why God gave us the Internet . . .

Rubiatonta said...

You can use it to make kugel, or pilaf (I'd go with the latter -- it's too hot for kugel this time of year). There are lots of recipes on Chowhound.

Let us know what you end up doing with it!

Class factotum said...

Mom, there are a lot of recipes online. Rubi, they are mostly kugel. And it's not too hot here. I had to get the space heater out of the basement the other day. That's what we get for removing the snow tires: cold weather in June.

Joy said...

You should have gotten the marshmallows instead!