Friday, June 29, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 365: World enough and time

SH: Don't move those! [Coke cans with the word "Coke" in Arabic]

Me: Why not?

SH: What if they explode and the liquid goes all over?

Me: Then let's throw them away.

SH: We got those in Morocco!

Me: Then let's empty them.

SH: Not now!

Me: When?

SH: Later. Decisions like that need to be made in isolation!

Me: You NEVER want to make decisions!

SH: Decisions like that should be made some afternoon when we have nothing else to do.

Me: We NEVER have nothing else to do!


Anonymous Mother said...

They WILL, at some time, begin to leak. Just trust me on this! Make a small hole in the underside and drain them. No one will know the difference.

webb said...

An excellent suggestion. Eventually the cola will eat thru, but thtn it will be all over something you care about.

Class factotum said...

SH thinks they will leak, too, which is why they have been removed from our windowsill and put in a bowl in the dining room. However, I do not want them to live in the bowl in the dining room and would like to resolve this issue, as in, either throw them away or make them safe for the windowsill again. Honestly. Getting that man to commit.